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Iggy Box Reveal | December Candle Maker

Iggy Box Reveal | December Candle Maker

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Our December scented candle maker, Olivetreehome, was lovingly founded by Helen, in her home in Chelmsford, Essex in 2017.

Originally selling hand painted furniture, Helen decided to pursue a passion for scented candles and now includes her beautiful, vegan friendly, scented candles within her range.

Olivetreehome has a fundamental principle of using premium quality ingredients, yet maintaining a focus on using carefully sourced, eco-friendly packaging. This underlines a diverse range that anyone with a love for scented candles would enjoy.

The candles…

To celebrate Christmas, this December we are bringing you two festive and luxurious fragrances… ‘Frankincense & Myrrh’ and ‘Snow Berry’.

With top notes of frankincense and tuberose, ‘Frankincense & Myrrh’ is a soft yet mystical fragrance, that will create the perfect backdrop to all of your Christmas festivities.

With complex aromas, ‘Snow Berry’ reveals a festive concoction of fruity lemon, cyclamen and crisp pine, bringing you the perfect start to Christmas Day.

Housed in beautiful cut glass vessels, we think that both of these candles will make the perfect centrepieces to your christmas feasts with all of your loved ones.

These gorgeous vessels will also make a wonderful reusable jar all year round!

What Gem & Doug (our IGGY BOX co-founders) love about this month’s candles…

From the moment we discovered Helen’s wonderful candle range, we were really excited to feature Olivetreehome.

We are always proud to be able to support small businesses and working together with Helen, it has been obvious from the very start how much passion she puts into her beautiful scented candles.

We also wanted to bring something different to our final box of 2019 and to celebrate Christmas in the best way possible. When we saw Helen’s gorgeous cut glass vessels, we thought that they fit this brief perfectly and would really bring something unique and special to us all this December.

Earlier this month, we sat down with Helen, to talk all things candles and Olivetreehome…

Is candle making your full time job?

Olivetreehome started life as a furniture redesign service but my business has evolved hugely over the last 12 myths and my scented candle house has grown rapidly!! Candle making takes up the majority of my time now and I love it!!

How long have you been making candles?

I have been experimenting and playing around with the process for around 18 months. I launched a very small range last October and amazingly, it sold out within 24 hours! And haven’t looked back.

What inspired you to make them?

When I offered my furniture I could never attend fairs that I was invited to or easily offer gifts to people as all of my furniture was so large!! I follow some fellow furniture painters on Instagram and noticed that a number of them branched out into candle making within their businesses. This sparked a huge passion of mine as I had always been a scented candle lover but frequently disappointed at the lack of fragrance that some of the candles I bought provided. After months of playing about and experimenting I started gifting to family and friends and they loved them!! This led to Olivetreehome’s scented candle house.

What do you love most about being an artisan candle maker?

My home always smells amazing. I love experimenting with new and exciting scents and then releasing them into the world for people to try themselves. I have even begun teaching others how to make candles and sharing my knowledge which is fun.

What is your favourite scent note?

Citrus. My parents live in Spain and their property backs on to an orange grove. The orange blossom fragrance fills the air and whenever I smell it now, it reminds me of home. I am currently working on a brand new fragrance to be launched next summer which will smell like the Spanish orange grove in a jar!

What is your end goal?

I have two big ideas which I am currently working on.. Offering a refill service to my customers once their candle has fully burned. The second big idea I’m working on is my “Scent your Wedding” service. This is a huge passion of mine and an idea I wish I had thought of when I got married. I am such a strong believer that scent is so powerful at evoking memories and every time this scent is burned, the married couple and their guests will be transported straight back to the memories of their amazing day!

We’re so excited for you to receive our final Iggy Box of 2019 and hope that you love Helen’s candles as much as we do.

On that note, all that is left is for us to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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