Iggy Box



It is that time of the month again where we see all of your amazing photos of your boxes being shared with us on Instagram and Facebook… and nothing brings more of a smile to our faces!!

We were thinking, what better way to celebrate some of our favourites than to share a round-up of them with you every month over on the blog so that you can all see them too!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE (in no particular order)…

“Perfect pick me up on this grey drizzly day. 🌧” – @cat_mitch_

“🌟 If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet… 🌟

The August @iggyboxcandles box is here and the aromas in this candle are often found in spas across Asia so I’m having my own little spa with it sitting in the corner of my bath!

A beautiful fresh vessel @mrrosearoma” – @gemz_anne

“Owl and pussycat sharing a romantic moment with Mr Rose! 💘” – @carolineallan2

“My first @iggyboxcandles is a @mrrosearoma Madame JoJo candle and, yet to be lit, is already leaving the room super fragrant.” – @thestarterhome

“Loving this months @iggyboxcandles delivery. The lemongrass scent from the candle fills the room even when it’s not lit 😀” – @leerunsforgin

“Hello Friday 🙌 I’m secretly enjoying this weather as it means staying indoors and keeping cosy. Kitchen all clean, the prettiest lace hydrangeas from the florist and this months @iggyboxcandles lit which smells amazing.” – @rachael_loves

“‘Scent is the strongest tie to memory’ – Maggie Stiefvater.” – @pears39

“I must have had a premonition, as I fell for Mr Rose before I knew he was the featured maker for the August Iggy Box! Madame JoJo is a bright, crisp scent that evokes the theme of Thailand to me with notes of lemongrass. Ginger and gingerlilly notes adds lovely dimension.” – @clethra

“Morning reading and brew accompanied by the Lemongrass, Ginger and Gingerlilly aroma of Madame JoJo by @mrrosearoma from this months @iggyboxcandles subscription.” – @thestarterhome

“My sister’s pressie for my birthday! A 3 month candle subscription with @iggyboxcandles she knows me too well! This first candle smells incredible from @mrrosearoma.” – @emskpeas

“I’m back to lighting candles every day. The hot weather put me off and I’ve missed it. So today I’ve got my new one from this months lovely @iggyboxcandles and @mrrosearoma and it’s so lovely 💜” – @wanderingangie

If you would like to be in with a chance of being featured and winning a month of Iggy Box on us, then make sure that you tag us in your photos when you receive your box!!

Happy burning Iggy Boxers!