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WILDRACE | Cloudy Petals



Our first ever candle presented in a silver aluminium tin, with a beautifully designed  textured paper label. Containing 100% soy wax and a cotton wick.

Sweet and floral, the delightful ‘Cloudy  Petals’ offers the aromas of the British garden with freshly cut fragrant roses and just-ripe pears.  A soft and honeyed uplifting scent with subtle vanilla and earthy notes of cedar wood and musk.


Burn time: approximately 35 hours (125ml) and 50 hours (250ml)

Infused with the highest quality fragrance oils. 100% Soy wax Cotton Wick Housed in a silver aluminium tin Completely toxin free. Cloudy Petals CLP: Contains; Linalool, alpha- Hexylcinnamaldehyde, delta- 1- (2, 6, 6- Trimethyl- 3- cyclohexen- 1-yl)- 2- buten-1- one, dl- Citronellol. WARNING MAY CAUSE ALLERGIC REACTION!            

What our Iggy Boxers say

Opening Iggy Box is an experience!
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Iggy Box arriving is such a wonderful experience. All the magic of surprise with a mystery candle. I love that it is a business taking sustainable steps by supporting independent natural candle-makers across the UK and curating the loveliest packages that have a low impact on the environment and a high impact providing the pleasures of opening a monthly gift. So far I've been really pleased with the different scents, discovering new brands, not worrying about petroleum or plastic and reusing the lovely candle pots! A thoughtful gift and a delightful treat to ourself. I've done both.
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I've been subscribed to the iggy candle box company now for well over a vear now and I absolutely love it. The ethos around each box is brilliant is so nice to support smaller companies and get the pportunity to have different candles from around the uk. The scents are amazing!
Mrs Wing
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Not only is every candle incredible with a lovely story - the unboxing is a delight! - but the customer service is excellent.I started following their Instagram when I subscribed which provides great updates on when you can expect a delivery. They're also very active with any questions you have. And all in all, I'm a huge fan and really glad that I tried this candle subscription.
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these...
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I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these candles. The scents are amazing. If my hubby can treat himself to his bottles of rum, I can most certainly treat myself to this, and what a treat it is. I get really excited every month when I know it's on its way, like a kid ha. If you're on the fence, don't be, vou're definitely worth it..
Amanda Smith
Excellent service all round
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Excellent service all round, beautiful assortment of candles with added surpriseand matches as a lovely thoughtful touch. Discovering candles I've never heard of before but enjoying all of them. A gorgeous monthly treat to me from me . love this service
The BEST monthly subscription!
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I look forward to this every month!! The candles are alwavs stylish and smell amazing
Deana Sykes
Absolutely love the monthly...
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Absolutely love the monthly subscription. Love the element of surprise each month! It makes for a great present too for familv and friends.