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Iggy Box Reveal | October Maker

Iggy Box Reveal | October Maker

Welcome to your October Iggy Box… “We Are Blessed To Live In A World Where There Are Octobers…”

The wonderful autumnal season is upon us, which means our journey with scent takes a turn towards warmth and comfort. We first met our featured makers back in February, so a collaboration long in the making, but one well worth the wait…


For October, our featured makers, husband and wife duo Tom and Cathie hand-pour their beautiful collection from their base in Yorkshire.

We introduce to you ‘Lumos Apothecary’.

As always, Lumos uses natural, sustainable and cruelty-free ingredients. Their stunning brand is inspired by cosy nights in, roaring open fires and heart warming scents so it felt very apt to feature these gorgeous candles as the days get chillier and the nights draw in.

This month, we are here to help you get cosy. We have included a scent to comfort the soul, a tasty treat to enjoy with your favourite film and with your exclusive offers, we encourage you to embrace that perfect cosy night in. Grab some blankets, a hot chocolate and get snuggled in your favourite corner of the sofa…


This month we are featuring the scent, ‘All Hallows’ inside each of your boxes.

This incredibly comforting fragrance will melt hearts and minds after those crisp autumn days. Housed in a matte grey jar with a beautiful, autumnal gold foil label, ‘All Hallows’ encapsulates that cosy home feel during those darker longer nights.

This candle focuses on a blend of a rich, creamy pumpkin base, fused with notes of tonka bean and vanilla all topped with a helping of soothing spices. Close the curtains, turn down the lights and let this rich aroma wrap a blanket around you…

The wax facts…

The Little One | 20cl | 40+hr Burn Time | RRP £16.00

The Bigger One | 30cl | 55+hr Burn Time | RRP £21.00

Inside of your Iggy Boxes this month, you will also find your ‘little something extra’…

This month we are proud to be partnering up with ‘Popcorn Shed’ to bring you their Pecan Pie flavoured popcorn, which is a snack packed with taste to excite your soul on a cosy autumn night…

It began in a garden shed back in 2016, when cousins and founders Sam and Laura hatched an ambition to show the world their incredible gourmet popcorn…

They knew the humble popped snack had the power to enhance special moments with loved ones. They have dedicated themselves to perfecting popcorn treats that bring joy to all by prioritising flavour and quality.

Watch your favourite movie and give your tastebuds their own sense of excitement with the autumnal nuttiness of each delicious bite!


Earlier this month, we sat down with Tom and Cathie from Lumos Apothecary to talk about all things candles…

How long has your brand been going and is it your full-time job?

We officially launched Lumos Apothecary in January 2020 after well over a year of saving, preparing, learning and working hard to perfect our candles. Sadly, Lumos is not our full-time job, but it’s definitely our full-time passion. We can’t wait until we get to do this every day. Hopefully, this won’t be too long!

Where do you make the candles?

All our candles are lovingly hand-poured in our home studio. First brought to life on our dining room table we quickly outgrew the ‘candle making’ box of supplies and had to repurpose a room specifically for candle crafting. Admittedly, our house is more cluttered than Cathie would like… but it sure smells great.

What inspired you to start making candles and your brand?

Because of our full-time jobs, we spend far too much time apart. When we do get the chance to spend some quality time together we love nothing more than a cosy fire, some good food and to light a lovely scented candle. We’d made a few candles here and there over our time together and enjoyed it so much that we thought we’d try and make a go of starting our own artisan company. We want to share our passion for great smelling candles with others, and ultimately, spend more time together.

What is your passion behind the brand?

Quite simply, we want to create beautiful candles that smell great, last ages and don’t cost the Earth. We make candles that we’re proud of and use ourselves on a daily basis and we just want to share this with others.

Do you have a fun fact or anecdote about your brand?

My husband always says I have a nose like a Beagle… I can smell anything anywhere and at any distance. It drives everyone mad! I have a sensitive nose and it works great with what I do!

What do you love about ‘All Hallows’?

There is just something so ultimately comforting and warming about our All Hallows candles. Autumnal and spicy with nuances of something freshly baked… it is a true feel-good scent.

Who inspires you the most?

Each other. It might seem like a cliché to say that, but it’s true.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

For Lumos Apothecary the biggest achievement to date has to be featuring as Iggy Box’s October Makers. We’re over the moon to be given the opportunity to spice up their subscribers Autumns with our All Hallows candle.

Do you have a fun fact or anecdote about your brand?

The name ‘Lumos Apothecary’ came about because of our obsession with lighting in our rooms. The word ‘Lumos’ comes from the Latin word ‘Lumen’ meaning light or lamp. It’s also no secret that Cathie religiously checks the doorstep every morning for her Hogwarts acceptance letter too, so that may have had some sway when we were brainstorming company names.

Do you have any specific goals for Lumos Apothecary?

Our ultimate goal is to make this venture full time. We are currently on the lookout for a studio shop that Lumos Apothecary can call home!

So there you have it, our October reveal and ‘Meet the Maker’… We hope that you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Tom and Cathie and their stunning Lumos Apothecary candles.

We also hope that your October boxes bring lots of cosy comfort to you and if you have gifted a box to someone special, we hope that it brings some cosy comfort to them too!

Happy burning Iggy Boxers!