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Iggy Box Reveal | February Maker

Introducing your February box ‘Let Iggy Box bring warmth and tranquillity to your space


Explore your February Box

This months candle is brought to you by BellaCandella.

Based in lovely Lincolnshire on the East coast of England, this artisan business started off as a personal passion, and has quickly developed into a full-time profession.

BellaCandella means ‘beautiful candle’ in Italian and encapsulates the essence of our maker’s craft. Each candle is curated with love and care with elegance and sustainability at the core of each pour.






Wicks inside my box

Introducing ‘Romance’ by BellaCandella, a February delight captured in a pristine white vessel adored with a charming pink heart label. Immerse yourself in the essence of love with our carefully curated fragrance. A captivating blend of wild blooms harmonised with the opulence of black diamond, enriched by spiced musk, and bathed in the warm glow of an eastern sunset, infused with tropical fruits and rose water. This oriental masterpieces crafted to evoke passion and set the mood for romantic moments.




The wax facts

The Little One | 20cl | 30+ hour burn time |Soy Wax|  Exclusive to Iggy Box.
The Bigger One | 30cl | 40+ hour burn time |Soy Wax |  Exclusive to Iggy Box.

Our February Boxes have sold out, sign up to March’s box HERE


It’s time to meet your maker

Who Is BellaCandella?

Meet the lovely Vikki, owner of BellaCandella. Established 2023 after giving birth to her beautiful daughter Sophia in March 2023, Vikki rebranded and relaunched her company to reflect the full-time and dedicated nature of her business.

In August 2023 BellaCandella went live and has since gone from strength to strength, gaining not only a wholesale customer base, but also a vast number of loyal and very valued direct customers. Vikki also sells her candles online via her website as well as attending many pop up shop events.

Vikki has ambitions to further grow the business to expand the team. She also wants to connect and partner with local colleges and universities to be able to offer business apprenticeships to share knowledge and support fresh students who have a keen interest in business. Vikki is huge advocate for women in business and believe that supporting other women can really help make the difference not only to our businesses but to how someone feels

Enjoy and happy Burning Iggy Boxers ✨



Your little something extra

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