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Iggy Box Reveal | November Candle Maker

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Vicky and Freya introduced the world to Plum & Ashby in early 2013 and have been so successful, that their scented candles and other ranges can now be found in stockists as far reaching as Australia.

Plum & Ashby is actually split over two sites. The office in Olney in Buckinghamshire and a warehouse on the south coast in Hampshire. Plum & Ashby candles are all vegan friendly, made using the finest unique vegetable wax and housed in recycled glass vessels and are inspired by a love of the countryside and specifically places that have a lot of meaning to them such as Norfolk and the Lake District.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

The candles…

This month we are excited to be featuring two beautiful candles from Plum & Ashby’s festive collection….’12 Days of Christmas’ and their famous ‘Advent Candle’.

These gorgeous candles just ooze all things Christmas and the festive season! With aromas of spiced oranges, juicy citrus and star anise paired with base notes of golden amber and

warming cinnamon, this sweet and luxurious fragrance will bring instant festive joy to any room in the house.

Light a crackling fire, grab a cosy blanket, a warming mug of mulled wine and let the countdown to Christmas commence…

What Gem & Doug (our Iggy Box co-founders) love about this month’s candle…

Christmas is our favourite time of year, so we really wanted our November candles to encapsulate all that is Christmas and to bring the excitement of the festive period into your homes.

We love everything about the 12 days of Christmas candle, the beautiful scent makes it the perfect accompaniment to a cosy Winter night in. We also have a very exciting 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway coming soon on our Instagram, which makes this candle even more special… so watch this space!!

Then there is the Advent Candle… Growing up we always had advent candles in our homes, so for us this brings back a lot of special memories of family and festivities. We also just love how this candle celebrates the fun and excitement of the all important countdown to Christmas.

We sat down with Freya from Plum & Ashby to talk all things candles and to get to know them a bit better…



Tell us a little bit about Plum & Ashby

We are proud to be a British Bath & Body brand that creates products that look good, smell good and actually work. With the extensive knowledge we’ve gained over the years, we have been able to develop and create truly unique products that are beautifully designed and presented.Through our passion and vision for our brand, Plum & Ashby is the perfect finishing touch for any home.

What is important to P&A?

We want our customers to feel like they are getting something really special from our products, that’s why every item endures rigorous testing before entering production to ensure they tick all the essential boxes, like checking our scented candles for a great scent throw or a good burn. It is our mission to create the perfect products that actually work.

The majority of your products are made from glass…was this a conscious decision?

Being as sustainable as possible is very important to us and we have tried to create products that have longevity and can be reused in some way. I actually found myself in a café in London and the cutlery was being stored in old P&A candle jars on the tables, that was lovely to see. We are proud to say we have removed all plastic in our packaging and only use 100% biodegradable fill when sending out our orders.

Can you remember a time Plum & Ashby made a real difference to somebody’s life?

We had a customer once who reluctantly had to relocate, so her neighbour sent her one of our Seaweed & Samphire candles to remind her of her seaside home and make her feel cosy in her new surroundings!!

How would you like to take over the world?

Myself and Vicky are putting our heart and soul into making Plum & Ashby a household brand that is known for quality and honesty.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about Vicky, Freya and their beautiful brand.

We really love getting to know our candle makers each month and understanding about all of the love and passion that goes into every candle and it’s scent.

For a chance to win a 3 month Iggy Box candle subscription on us, don’t forget to share your most festive pictures and videos of your November candle with us on Instagram. Just make sure you tag us in using @iggyboxcandles and #iggyboxcandles.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]