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Iggy Box Reveal | August Candle Maker

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This month Iggy Box brings you, Beach House Botanics’ stress busting ‘Bergamot Lemongrass and Lime’ candle. A candle designed to bring some inner calm to the world around you.


Tell me about this month’s Iggy Box candle…

Our friends at Beach House Botanics hand pour all their vegan friendly candles from their workshop on the East Devon Coast. Sounds lovely already, doesn’t it?

This gorgeous candle releases freshness to awaken the senses and revitalise the soul. The fruity aroma of Bergamot helps to ease anxiety and balance your mood, while the Lemongrass gets to work on reducing any stress you may be harbouring. This combination allows the Lime to nurture much needed creativity and focus. It really is the perfect blend to help you recharge your batteries and take some precious time out.

Why did Iggy Box choose this candle for you?

One of the most important principles we apply to any brand we use, is the use of natural waxes and high quality oils, so it enhances both the burn time and burn quality. This ensures you get the best scent all the time.

Beach House Botanics is no exception, all their candles use natural soy wax and they even use therapeutic grade essential oils too. Which is why that incredible lemon aroma fills the room effortlessly.

The last word from our maker: Beach House Botanics

“We are focused on making natural and unique candles and melts. Our ethos is in only making candles that we would be happy to buy ourselves. So we take great care at every stage of the process. We have explored a range of essential oil mixes and have created fragrances which we think you will find, relaxing, refreshing and inspiring.

We will never use synthetic fragrance oils as we believe in the authenticity of natural scents. Also, we only use natural soy wax in our candles.

We hope you enjoy our candles as much as we do.”

Keep an eye out on our social channels as we introduce you to our monthly ‘Meet the Maker’ series. Get an insight into the people behind Beach House Botanics and what drove them to create their beautiful scented candles.

As you know we love seeing pictures of your Iggy Box candles when you receive them but we would also love to see how you reuse your jars after!

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