Iggy Box



It is that time of the month again where we see all of your amazing photos of your boxes being shared with us on Instagram and Facebook… and nothing brings more of a smile to our faces!!

We were thinking, what better way to celebrate some of our favourites than to share a round-up of them with you every month over on the blog so that you can all see them too!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE (in no particular order)…

“Post birthday weekend calls for detox and this month’s perfectly timed @iggyboxcandles. Can’t wait to light this – smells amazing.” – @cheshire_house_life_

“My favourite delivery of the month! This months @iggyboxcandles is from @nickolacandela and is absolutely divine ❤️” – @hayleeyross

“💜 Sleep… and when you wake you will move mountains! 💜 My monthly candle subscription arrived yesterday and it couldn’t have come at a better time! This was EXACTLY what I needed yesterday after a long and very stressful week. Thank you @iggyboxcandles you never fail to amaze me and this candle from @nickolacandela is absolutely stunning. I could smell it before I even opened the box! You guys are awesome!” – @gemz__anne

“Lavender scented candle and bath salts… it’s like they knew I was stressed and sent the perfect little pack to help 😍. @iggyboxcandles smashing it again this month! I have never had a bad candle, not once – and it’s been over a year of candles. That’s amazing! 💛💛” – @sarahjayne821720

“It was another @iggyboxcandles delivery day today! ❤️ I absolutely adore receiving my Iggy Box, it’s always a great lil item to receive & the best part? Your contents are kept secret so you don’t know what will be inside until it arrives! ❤️ In #septembers box we have a fabulous French Lavender & Black Amber candle by @nickolacandela with a small packet of calming bath salts by @huntersmooncandles!! Cannot wait to try these out! @iggyboxcandles are a wonderful company & their boxes make fabulous gifts, so if you are looking to treat a friend I feel there’s nothing better than an @iggyboxcandles!! ❤️” – @theyorkshirepartridge

“Candle subscription from Luke for my birthday. Such a fab present #iggyboxcandles #birthdaygifts #gifthatkeepsgiving ❤️” – @pamfairless

“If you haven’t already please go and check out @iggyboxcandles. I always have a candle in my room. And wanted to try different ones but never knew what to try. So Iggy Box does it for me. I get the bigger one, which burns for 45hrs so it lasts so long… So this months candle is Amber & Lavender – with a double wick!! With French Lavender and Egyptian Amber, a few notes of Tonka Bean, Vanilla and Clary Sage. And you always get something extra to try too!! I got sleepy bath salts from @huntersmooncandles. Can’t wait to use these!!” – @unwrapbeauty_

“Perfect timing! My @iggyboxcandles subscription box turned up today. Perfect way for me to relax after a long day facilitating my HIV and AIDS awareness workshop, clinical supervision and client work. Now time for some rest and relaxation. Also loving the little extra bath salts from @huntersmooncandles. Candle this month from @nickolacandla.” – @newhcounselling

“🕯 Happiness is… scented candles 🕯 My first @iggyboxcandles box arrived today and oo boy it didn’t disappoint me. Not only did I receive this absolutely gorgeous smelling candle from @nickolacandela, but I also received my little something extra. I had a lovely bath with the bathroom smelling amazing 🛁🕯. – @naomigrace.discovers

“Blissing out on black amber and french lavender with a (very indulgent) candle subscription from @iggyboxcandles. Is it helping me be creative and write my blog post any quicker? Er no. Is it making me feel like I’m in a movie as I drift off into a happy little daydream? Yep! Ok so maybe I’ll light it at bedtime…” – @berginandbath

“Received my September Iggy Box with my first multiple wick candle! This two wick soy candle is fragranced with French Lavender and Black Amber. The scent is perfect for early autumn and fills the space nicely. 🌿🍂🤗 ” – @clethra

“Love love love this months @iggyboxcandles. French lavender yes please @nickolacandela.” – @cazzycaz88

If you would like to be in with a chance of being featured and winning a month of Iggy Box on us, then make sure that you tag us in your photos when you receive your box!!

Happy burning Iggy Boxers!