Iggy Box

The Journey of Iggy Box

The Journey of Iggy Box

The Iggy Box journey was created by founders and partners Gem and Doug in the winter of 2018. For them, candles have always been a big part of a shared love of creating calm and cosy spaces at home. Iggy Box is here to help our candle loving community do just that… investing time in ourselves, each other, talking openly about self care and taking time out from the frantic world around us.

We sat down with Gem and Doug on the journey of the brand and how Iggy Box became what it is today…

The Idea of Iggy Box

We love candles and they have always been a big part of our life at home. 

They create cosy spaces, calm the mind (something we need a lot of!), soothe the soul and bring back happy memories. Plus, we think they are just the best interior accessory there is… our home is full of them! We started to become aware of different types of candles available and more importantly the waxes used to make them. We quickly learnt that some candles often found on the high street or those that are mass produced, are made using wax that can also bring many potential health problems with it…This didn’t sit well with us.

We went on a journey discovering candles made from plant based waxes, like soy and coconut, that have a cleaner, slower and healthier burn. We unearthed a community of candle makers that we didn’t know existed. Amazing, passionate, unique artisans, who hand pour their collections with sustainability in mind from their home studios or small workshops.

This is where our Iggy Box journey started… Our aim was to create a community where we could all enjoy everything we love about candles in a healthier and more sustainable way, whilst also creating a journey to discover the very best artisan candle makers the UK has to offer.


The Name & Concept

We wanted something fun but also something that meant something – a bit of a hidden meaning if you like! We had hundreds of names scribbled down in note pads (which were accumulated over a few weeks) – Iggy Box was one of them. ‘Iggy’ was actually the last name we came up with and it means ‘fiery one’ in Latin, which we loved due to the link it has to a candle flame – so once we had found it, we looked no further! 

The First Steps

Iggy Box started in the Winter of 2018 from the garage at the bottom of our garden. For the first 18 months, we worked all hours as a team of 2… it was fun, exciting and we laughed a lot! Fast forward to today and Iggy Box has grown beyond our wildest dreams. The garage has been replaced by our very own workshop and we have an amazing (and growing) team, who are just as passionate about the magic of candles as we are…


Current Day

Our mission has always been to bring wonderful artisan makers to you, to give them a way to share their passion with us, whilst building a community of candle lovers, who also enjoy the fun of exploring and discovering new makers and scents together… with a little bit of self care and love thrown in along the way too!

We feel so proud to be achieving that and every day our community gets bigger and bigger. We are very lucky and we just couldn’t be more grateful. 


Future Plans

We have some very exciting Autumn Winter campaigns coming up to help us all get cosy this candle season! 

There are a variety of new product launches on the shop including our very own range of candles, clothing and gift boxes. As well as this, the team keeps growing as Iggy is growing, which is also super exciting. It still amazes us how something that started on our kitchen table and garage, now takes a team of us to keep everything running smoothly.

We also want to continue to find new ways to support mental health causes that need more help than ever after the events of the last 18 months. This is something that we feel super passionate about. 

Of course, our subscriptions will remain our focus, they are our heart and soul. We love curating our boxes every month and seeing the joy that they bring, whilst also being able to support other small businesses… there is no better feeling than it.

Any other words

We just want to finish by saying a big thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey so far… no matter how big or small. We could never have imagined we would be here now and it has been down to all the incredible love and support we have had along the way.