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Journaling for Mental Health…

Have you ever tried journaling? ????

It’s simply writing down your thoughts and feelings to understand them more clearly. Journaling helps control your symptoms of stress and anxiety and improve your mood by:

  • Helping you prioritize problems, fears, and concerns.
  • Tracking any symptoms day-to-day so that you can recognize stress triggers and learn ways to better control them.
  • Providing an opportunity for positive self-talk and identifying negative thoughts.
  • Recording down and reflecting on things you’re grateful for.


Writing every day is a great way to express your thoughts and feelings. It’s important to find a time and place that works for you to make it easy to write regularly. Keeping a pen and paper nearby is a great way to make sure you’re always prepared. You can also keep a digital journal on your smartphone so you always have it with you. When you write, don’t worry about structure or spelling mistakes. Write whatever comes to mind and let your ideas flow freely. Your journal is a private space and you can choose to share it with others or keep it to yourself. Whatever you decide, journaling is a great way to express yourself.

Writing in a journal is an incredibly beneficial practice that can help you to de-stress and relax. Choose a cozy place to write, turn off all distractions, and grab yourself a cup of tea or something else that helps you to relax. Writing in a journal can help you to express your thoughts, fears, and feelings in a safe and private space. Furthermore, it can help you to create order when your world feels chaotic. Your journaling time should be seen as a special time for yourself, and you should look forward to it. It’s a way to care for your wellbeing and do something positive for your mind and body.

… Make sure you take some time for you Iggy Boxers ????

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