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Iggy Box Reveal | October Maker

Iggy Box Reveal | October Maker

Welcome to your October maker ‘Take time to sit and watch the leaves turn…’

Meet your October maker

This month, we present to you our October makers, Feathers and Fellows. Autumn’s arrival welcomes friends Sarah and Claire and their beautiful collection. Two mums with a love of interior design, building their candle haven in their rolling, Suffolk countryside homes.

The brand is a product of a passion for creating the perfect cosy ambience using candles and scents after years of dreaming up big plans. Plans for new tea light holders and new scents is underpinned by support for local schools and charities. 

Our October box combines a beautifully comforting autumnal scent and a tasty little extra, to help you get cosy, embrace the darker nights and dream of festive fun just around the corner…


Wicks Inside My Box

The candle

‘Spiced Apple’ by Feathers and Fellows. 

This month’s featured soy wax candle  is housed in an amber glass tumbler vessel,  showcasing a classic style that offers the romantic, soft glow we all love, as the nights draw in. A beautifully designed label adds a stylish touch to a timeless look.

Blended notes of baked apple, amber and clove… this warming aroma smells good enough to eat, offering a comforting  homely  scent, perfect for those Autumn months.

Hide away from those ghosts and ghouls that await outside and cosy up by candle light with your favourite blanket, a good book and dream of  delicious apple crumble.

The wax facts

The Little One | 200ml | 35 hr burn time | RRP £17
The Bigger One | 300ml | 50 hr burn time | RRP £22

Inside your October box, you’ll also find your ‘little something extra’…

This month we have partnered with Flower and White to bring you their Salted Caramel Meringue Bar! A lighter and brighter way to enjoy irresistible chocolatey meringue treats…

Fair trade milk chocolate with a melting meringue middle and hand crafted using the finest ingredients.  Not an additive or E-number in sight… all for a feel good 95 calories and even wrapped in 100% recyclable paper! From separating eggs in the garden shed in 2009, to producing over one million bars a day…founders, Leanne and Brian are accidental pioneers of this epic taste sensation!


It’s time to meet the maker! We sat down with Sarah and Claire to talk about their beautiful collection…

How long has your brand been going/ is it full time or do you do other things?

The ideas, testing and research for Feathers & Fellows began in the spring of 2020 and was officially launched the following October. We work on the company pretty much full time now, not always 9-5 as we have young children but we are constantly talking about new ideas and fulfilling orders.

Where in the UK are you based and what space do you use for your workshop? 

We live in the same village in Suffolk. We currently use Claire’s house for the workshop and Sarah’s house for storing our products and packaging them up. Our future aim is to find a space to be able to do everything under one roof.

What inspired you to start making candles? Do you have a passion that has been embedded in your brand?

We are both obsessed with candles, diffusers and wax melts and love making our homes feel cosy with different scents. We both appreciate a beautiful candle at the end of the day to help us relax.

We discussed starting a company together for a long time and it made sense to make our own candles. Our children are growing up, so we both felt it was the right time to do something for ourselves and at the same time support each other. So during lockdown we decided to go for it and launch our own brand that offered high-end quality candles but at affordable prices.

We also both share a passion for interior styling, so we wanted that to come through within the brand and have a label that stood out from the crowd and something that people would enjoy having on display.

What do you love about our featured scent Spiced Apple?

The Spiced Apple scent offers a warm strong scent that is perfect for those Autumn months. Nothing beats having the fire on with this candle burning. It is a gorgeous blend of baked apple, amber and clove.

There are so many scents you can choose to make… How do you go about choosing for your collection?

With our signature collection of scents, we wanted to include floral notes to stronger woodier scents, so that they would appeal to a wider audience. It is important to us that all our scents give a natural and luxurious feel. We are very particular about what scents make it into our range, so testing is always going on to find the next one.

We also took on the challenge of blending oils; our Peony Blush and French Lavender candles are blended with the fashionable Vetiver oil for a modern twist. We have received amazing feedback about these candles so it was worth doing it.

What has been your proudest moment since starting out?

In March 2021 we had our first wholesale order, which felt like an amazing achievement as we had managed to keep pushing our business through lockdown, homeschooling and sharing the roles from our separate homes. We are now growing our wholesale client base and it’s a lovely feeling that shops are buying into our brand.

Do you have any specific ambitions or goals for Feathers and Fellows?

We will continue to develop new seasonal scents to join our product range and we are in the process of testing three wick candles to be launched by the end of the year.

We also want to continue building relationships with new wholesale clients and take part in local markets as we always like to meet new customers.

Is there anything that you believe makes your brand different or stand out?

We only use the highest quality 100% soy wax and vegan and cruelty free oils. We always take great care and attention when pouring our candles and ensure that the oils we use create a lasting scent.

We also enjoy creating gift boxes, where we allow customers to choose any combination of products and scents. It’s always a lovely feeling to handwrite the messages knowing that we are sending a personal gift.

Are there any plans for new products or news over the next few months?

We are really excited to launch tea lights with our existing scents. We have also been busy making concrete tea light holders, which we have painted ourselves in a selection of colours. These are going to make a lovely gift set.

For Christmas we are planning on a wax melt advent calendar that will look stylish within our customers’ homes. We constantly talk about new scents that we want to launch so this will continue to keep our customers coming back.


So there you have it, your October Iggy Box roundup! Once again we are absolutely delighted to have collaborated with such wonderful people and brands for the first of our Autumn collection. We hope this box helps you to embrace the darker nights and dream of the festive fun that is just around the corner… Happy burning, Iggy Boxers!