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Iggy Box Reveal | November Maker

Iggy Box Reveal | November Maker

Welcome to your November box ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’…

Meet Your November Maker

This November, we have partnered with Sophie and her beautiful vegan and cruelty free brand Subluceo, hand poured from her home studio in South West London.

Subluceo, meaning ‘glow’ in Latin, is a collection designed with a cosy ambience in mind. Featured in Vogue and The Times, all scents are inspired by nature and happy memories. Sophie is also proud to support mental health charities like ‘Mind UK’ through profit donations.


Wicks Inside My Box

The candle

‘Juniper Fir and Spruce’ by Subluceo.

As the nights grow darker, what better way to soothe the soul with a soft flickering flame. Your candle features a classic apothecary style jar with a beautiful blend of Soy and Coconut wax that showcases a warming glow right to the last burn.

Our scent offers an unmistakable take on a classic wintery forest. A calming and luxurious herbal aroma leads with Siberian Pine and Eucalyptus, supported by a base of Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Musk.

The time for fairy lights and baubles is almost upon us so embrace the Christmas Tree aromas and settle into the decorating spirit…

The wax facts

The Little One | 180ml | 30 hr burn time | RRP £20
The Bigger One | 250ml | 45 hr burn time | RRP £26

Inside your November box, you’ll also find your little something extra…

This month, we have partnered with The Emerald Attic to bring you their Embossed Clay Star. An embossed, clay decoration that will make the perfect addition to any Christmas Tree style this season …

We have partnered with founder, Chloe, who has handmade your little extra using air dried clay, made from 100% recycled materials and no plastic in sight! Chloe has built her brand from her home workshop in Norfolk and can often be found at local markets and pop ups showcasing her amazing hand crafted creations.


It’s time to meet the maker! We sat down with Sophie from Subluceo to talk about her stunning collection…

How long has your brand been going/ is it full time or do you do other things?

I started Subluceo in January 2019. I decided to learn how to make candles and gifted them to family and friends at Christmas, 2018. The feedback was so great and I was encouraged to start a brand which ran alongside the desire for a new creative hobby! I run Subluceo whilst also working full time for the emergency services. I am always busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Where in the UK are you based and what space do you use for your ‘workshop’?

I am based in South London and currently make and pack orders from my ‘home studio’ aka spare bedroom! The one thing I love about making candles from home is being able to dip in and out whenever I feel like making, plus my home always smells delicious. I am lucky to have outside storage available for supplies but have largely outgrown the home studio.

What inspired you to start making candles? Do you have a passion that has been embedded in your brand?

I have always been a lover of candles. They create such a cosy, ambient vibe and I find the movement of the flame so magical and captivating to watch. For me, having a candle lit instantly changes the mood of the home and can take away the stress of the day. Before I started Subluceo I realised that so many of the candles I owned used a lot of plastic packaging and used ingredients derived from animals. I wanted to create a beautiful, affordable product that did not harm animals or the environment. All of Subluceo’s products are cruelty free + vegan plus free from paraffin, phthalates and parabens – always!

What do you love about our featured scent?

One of my favourite Christmas traditions is setting aside an afternoon in December to decorate the tree and listen to festive songs with my family – it still is. The smell of ‘Juniper Fir + Spruce’ takes me right back to those happy moments. This candle features notes of eucalyptus, pine, lemon peel and woods. I love how fresh this scent is, if you close your eyes you could almost be standing in a forest of snow tipped evergreens.

There are so many scents you can choose to make… How do you go about choosing for your collection?

I love how scent brings such nostalgia, it can instantly transport you to a past memory or place. All of our scents are inspired by nature and happy memories. Our candle collection aims to have a scent for everyone from floral, oriental, sweet, woody or fresh.

What has been your proudest moment since starting out?

There are many moments that I am proud of and Subluceo has come so far. I am proud to run a successful business whilst working full time. Every aspect of my business has been created/carried out by my own two hands. Before I started Subluceo I had no idea how to make a candle, build a website, and manage PR or SEO etc – now I do it all! Subluceo candles have been featured in Delicious, Vegan Living, Vogue, and The Times magazines – wow, pinch me! 

Do you have a fun fact or anecdote about your brand?

The word ‘Subluceo’ is Latin meaning to glow, glitter or faintly glimmer. I feel our name encapsulates the cosy vibes our candles bring.

Do you have any specific ambitions or goals for Subluceo?

As I mentioned above I have largely outgrown my home studio. I would love to have my own studio for the candles to call home, I haven’t yet found the right fit but the search continues. One day I hope to be a full time candle maker.

Do you have any charitable or environmental partnerships we should know about to share?

I am proud to say that 5% of Subluceo’s profits are donated to Mental Health charities. So far we have worked with Studio Upstairs, Mind and London Friend. When you purchase a Subluceo candle you are also supporting the good work of these great charities.

Is there anything that you believe makes your brand different or stand out?

There is always a personal touch to each Subluceo order. I make, package and ship all of the candles myself and always include a little handwritten note. I take the time to get to know my customers. After all, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

Are there any plans for new products or news over the next few months?

I am currently in the process of offering a larger size in all of our scents, the 250ml size that features in this month’s Iggy Box! In the New Year we will also be revamping our reed diffusers – you can follow the journey over on @subluceolondon.


So there you have it, the November box roundup! We hope this box helps you to settle down for cosy evenings of twinkling lights and merriment, with the perfect aroma and little extra to embrace the winter nights and festive fun that awaits… Happy burning, Iggy Boxers!