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Iggy Box Reveal | June Candle Maker

Iggy Box Reveal | June Candle Maker

Welcome to your June Iggy Box… ‘Nourish And Indulge The Soul’.



This month our featured maker, Lottie, hand-pours and designs her stunning candles in her studio in West Sussex…

Introducing the gorgeous ‘Huskke & Co’.

Huskke & Co. was launched in May 2019 after a solid year of scrupulous testing. Lottie is a real perfectionist and so it was important for her to make sure she created a product that holds a strong ethos of mindful luxury, protecting communities, our health and the environment.

The scent that we have chosen from Lottie’s beautiful brand really allows you to nourish and indulge your soul, with fresh and fruity scent notes that also ooze luxury…



This month we are featuring the scent ‘No.7 Pomegranate’ inside each of your boxes.

A rich pomegranate aroma, blended with beautiful notes of violet, woody branches and blackcurrant buds… Huskke’s take on classic hits all the right notes from the very first burn. 


The wax facts…

The Little One | 20cl | 30hr Burn Time | RRP £18.00

The Bigger One | 30cl | 60hr Burn Time | RRP £25.00


Inside of your Iggy Boxes this month, you will also find your little ‘something extra’…

In a month where we are encouraging you all to ‘Nourish And Indulge Your Soul’, we have included a little taste of indulgence from COCO Chocolatier.

We have included Colombian Milk & Isle of Skye Sea Salt Dark.

COCO Chocolatier is an innovative artisan chocolate company based in Edinburgh, bringing cocoa and creativity together…

Merging art and chocolate, their wrappers are designed by award-winning illustrators and artists from across the world. 

Their beautiful chocolate is made using 100% natural ingredients and is sustainably produced… perfect for that after-dinner treat!



How long has your brand been going and is it your full-time job?

I launched Huskke & Co in May 2019 after a year of testing. I’m a real perfectionist and so it was important for me to make sure I created a product that embodied our ethos of mindful luxury. I work full time as an Interior Designer and so I balance the two.

Where do you make the candles?

We design, hand pour, label and box the candles in our studio in West Sussex. We’re located at the base of Black Down Hill in the South Downs National Park. It’s so beautiful here and I’ll forever be inspired by our surroundings. To set the scene we’re often visited by the odd pig or two that escape from the next-door farm!

What inspired you to start making candles and your brand?

Working in the Interior Design industry I became increasingly conscious of the nasty side effects of burning paraffin candles. We even had clients needing to redecorate walls stained from the soot they produce! All too often we were using expensive candles that burnt badly and had minimal scent throw. There had to be a better way and what better than to create something myself. The inspiration grew from a desire to create a product that was beautifully designed and that I knew was non-toxic and sustainable. 

What is your passion behind the brand?

I have always believed that there is nothing more pleasing than giving or receiving a gift that you know has been hand made with love and that ensures a positive impact on the world. We are a conscious brand and have made sure that all of our products are honestly and ethically produced with ingredients sourced in the UK. It is our aim to ensure that with every stage of our production and distribution we protect communities, people’s livelihoods, your health and our environment. We really encourage the repurposing of our containers. I’ve currently got makeup brushes in one and kitchen herbs in another!

What is your favourite scent and why?

Such a tricky question as I, of course, love all of the scents that we work with however in addition to the rich pomegranate that you’ve received, I have to say orange blossom. It’s so delicately delicious and I’m always in awe of how those tiny white blooms are able to produce such a vibrant depth of fragrance!

Who inspires you the most?

Ultimately I am inspired by people’s hearts and so essentially I can’t pinpoint this to just one. I am constantly inspired by the passion of visionaries from totally different walks of life, anyone with a bit of gumption, anyone that elevates the consciousness of humanity and most importantly anyone who shows great courage in the face of adversity!

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

As a brand, we have recently been raising funds for the charity CoppaFeel through our ‘LIGHT’ campaign. In September last year I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and being 25 years old this came as a huge shock. It is with thanks to the invaluable work they do as a charity that my cancer was diagnosed early and so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to give back. During my chemotherapy, I designed a label and created a candle with the aim of raising awareness and shining a light on Breast Cancer in the young. We sent these candles out with educational materials provided by CoppaFeel to help spread the word and to ensure that like mine all Breast Cancers can be diagnosed early. This was such a big and important achievement not only for Huskke & Co but also for me. Producing this campaign gave me the strength and drive that I needed to battle through my treatment. 

Do you have a fun fact or anecdote about your brand?

Last year we were invited to take part in the Bloomberg Arcade Winter Market in London. It was designed to showcase a collection of carefully curated brands all championing a positive and sustainable ethos. This was our biggest fair to date and we felt so honoured to be a part of it. 

Do you have any specific goals for Huskke & Co ?

We are looking to grow Huskke & Co by adding new products to our collections and we have some really exciting collaborations in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share!


So there you have it, our June reveal and ‘Meet the Maker’… We hope that you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Lottie and her stunning Huskee & Co. candles.

We also hope that your June candles bring a smile to you and if you have gifted a box to someone special, we hope that it brings a smile to their face too!

Thank you as always, for your continued support and kindness that you continue to show us and our Iggy family.

Happy burning Iggy Boxers!