Iggy Box

Iggy Box Reveal | January Maker

Iggy Box Reveal | January Maker

Happy New Year Iggy Boxers! Welcome to your January Iggy Box… ‘Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow…’


Meet Your January Maker

We are so excited to be starting the next chapter of our scented journey of discovery with our January maker, Ana-Maria, who first created a beautiful range of scents back in 2019, inspired by a love of travelling around the globe.

Ana-Maria’s brand, Interlude has been named as a reminder to pause and reflect on the world around us. Now operating as a mother-daughter team, there are big ambitions for a new workshop in Spring 2021 and for launches into new products like bath salts and body lotions!

A time for rejuvenation, a focus on wellbeing and even plant based lifestyles. Our box will help you hit the ground running with every collaboration sourced from brands using ‘veganuary’ friendly ingredients… embracing a healthy, refreshing start to the New Year.

Wicks Inside My Box…

The Candle…

Ana-Maria has created a stunning candle ‘Black Orchid’ for this month’s box. The collection was a real delight to test, with a beautifully crafted array of scents. Our collaboration features a matte black vessel, the perfect partner to help create a cosy home in these winter evenings…

Heart notes of orchid and lotus wood, blended with top notes of ylang, bergamot and truffle, make this is a luxuriously smooth yet soft fragrance. Base notes of vanilla, vetiver, sandalwood and chocolate deliver an indulgent undertone to warm the soul.

The Wax Facts…

The Little One | 20cl | 30 hr burn time | RRP £20

The Bigger One | 30cl | 45 hr burn time | RRP £25


Inside of Your Iggy Boxes This Month, You Will Also Find Your ‘Little Something Extra’…

This month we have partnered with ‘London Botanical Laboratories’ to bring you either ‘Avocado Eye Cream’ or their ‘Bright Me Up Serum’… the perfect products to nourish and boost your skin into the New Year!

Natural, Vegan and cruelty free, your cream will lock in moisture and help your skin banish the winter blues. London Botanical Laboratories make natural, effective skincare that brings amazing results to the skin and that are also a pleasure to use.



Let’s learn a little more about Ana-Maria…

Earlier this month, we sat down with Ana-Maria to talk all things candles…

How long has your brand been going and is it your full time job?

My brand officially launched in Spring 2019, after a year of testing and learning. Initially it was just a side hustle, but in time became more than a full time job, and currently it’s a mother – daughter duo. My mum helps me a lot and we both enjoy it so much, it’s such a nice thing to do for both of us.

Where do you make the candles?

I currently make all candles at home, which in the last few months has been very challenging, as I am running out of space. Plans for this Spring are to have a workshop for all my candles and equipment.

What inspired you to start making candles and your brand?

I am passionate about all things nice. I like travelling, making flower arrangements, photography, painting, working with clay, so I think I have always been a crafty person. After working for different brands in the past years, I realised that I’d like to have my own brand and sell my own products. I have been thinking about a product that I’d love to make for years and I finally realised that candles would be something that combines all my passions.

What is your passion behind the brand?

The inspiration for my candles and scents came from my love of the outdoors, my passion for creating with my hands, and my desire to not stare at a computer all day. The scents I use are inspired from my travels around the world. I love working with fragrances, as I think they are very transportative and ritualistic.

Interlude means taking some time for yourself, to relax and reflect on everything around you, to just stop and enjoy life.

What do you love about ‘Black Orchid’?

What I love about Black Orchid is that it has a luxurious touch to it with a heart of orchid and lotus wood, blended with top notes of ylang, bergamot and truffle. The base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver & dark chocolate complete the fragrance so nicely. I like that it’s an unisex, but sensual scent. For me as a maker it’s the only scent that does not bother me even after making thousands of candles. It’s soft, luxurious, sensual, but not overwhelming at all.

What inspires you the most?

My customers inspire me the most. They are all so nice and it’s incredible how their interests are so similar to mine. I have become friends with a few of my customers over the years. Often I just get notes in the orders and people would just thank me for what I do or just say how much they love my candles, which makes me so happy. I feel very grateful and proud of the small community I have built around my brand.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Interlude has been the biggest achievement for me so far. I am so proud of my brand and I absolutely adore making candles, trying out new scents and shapes for candles.

Do you have any specific goals for Interlude?

I’d like to expand the range of products this year and I’d like to include some more wellbeing products, such as: essential oil related products, bath salts, body lotions, etc,

I’d also like to move into the biggest and nicest workshop ever, so that’s on top of my list for the first part of 2021.


So there you have it, our January reveal and ‘Meet the Maker’… We hope that you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Ana-Maria and her stunning Interlude candles.

We also hope that your January boxes bring lots of cosy comfort to you and if you have gifted a box to someone special, we hope that it brings some cosy comfort to them too!

Happy burning Iggy Boxers!