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Iggy Box Reveal | January Maker

Iggy Box Reveal | January Maker

Welcome to your January box ‘A new chapter begins…’

Meet Your January Maker

A new scented journey awaits and our first candle of the year featured makers, Siân and Ben from wick + wonder. Their vegan candle collection was crafted during lockdown from their home in Bristol. Sian harbours a love of drawing and incorporates this passion with hand-drawn illustrations on top of each candle. A personal touch we love!

Start the new year with a cosy, warming scent designed to soothe the soul and transport you to your own fairytale. A new year can be a great chance to reflect and choose your path forwards but for now just relax and enjoy. The best is still yet to come…


Wicks Inside My Box

Our 2022 starts with an amber apothecary jar, housing a candle made from 100% plant based soy wax. Our first silver aluminium lid adds a fresh vibe to a classic look.

The candle

‘Old Bookshop’ is a comforting scent of a vintage bookstore hidden down a magical cobbled street. Curl up in your favourite spot and wrap yourself in notes of rich leather, amber, sandalwood, tobacco and black pepper.

The perfect way to hide away from the dark and wintery nights, let Old Bookshop help you settle into your favourite page turner and whisk you off to adventures far and wide…

The wax facts

The Little One | 180ml | 30 hr burn time | RRP £16
The Bigger One | 250ml | 45 hr burn time | RRP £22

Inside your January box, you’ll also find your little something extra…

This month, we have partnered with Juniper Press to bring you their Motivational Notepad. Our featured notepad is a bespoke design exclusive for Iggy Boxers. Laura is a designer, illustrator & printmaker living in the North East of Scotland. Using nature and plants as inspiration, Laura loves to tell stories and share positive messages through her work.

Juniper Press donate a cut of each sale to Trees for Life. An amazing charity who have been working on rewilding projects in the Scottish Highlands for the last 25 years.

As 2022 begins, why not take a moment to jot down your hopes and dreams and let’s make it the best year yet. You got this!

It’s time to meet the makers! We sat down with Siân and Ben from wick + wonder to talk about their incredible collection…

How long has your brand been going / is it full time or do you do other things?

As a huge candle fan myself, I had wanted to start my own candle business for a few years. And during the first lockdown in 2021, when I found myself with lots of spare time, I decided it was the perfect time to get serious about it. After lots of research, planning and practicing, I launched wick + wonder in November 2021. And it’s been a whirlwind right from the very start. To date, I have sold around 7,000 candles – which is hard to believe, as I only expected to sell a handful to family and friends.

This isn’t my full-time job – I work in marketing by day – but it’s taking up more and more of my evenings and weekends. I hope to be a full-time business owner in the not-so-distant future.

Where in the UK are you based and what space do you use for your workshop?

I’m based in Bristol. My home studio is currently in my dining room, and there are candles everywhere in my house. But I’m in the process of building a dedicated candle workshop in my garden, which I absolutely can’t wait to finish.

Do you have a passion that has been embedded in your brand?

I have always loved drawing, and really wanted to incorporate this part of myself into wick + wonder. That’s why you’ll find a hand-drawn illustration on the top of every candle – each one is designed to give you a hint of the scent inside.

What do you love about your featured scent?

For me, there’s nothing more comforting than reading a book – and the unique scent of an old, classic book is just magical to me. I wanted to create a fragrance that whisks you away to an old bookshop on a cobbled street, covered floor-to-ceiling in old books. It’s a complex blend of rich leather, tobacco and sandalwood, with a dash of nutmeg, black pepper and amber. I took a few months to get the blend just right, and I really hope you love it!

There are so many scents you can choose to make…. How do you go about choosing your collection?

I have had hundreds and hundreds of ideas for scents, but you have to narrow it down somehow. Some fragrances are inspired by my own personal memories and preferences (like ‘old bookshop’ and ‘coast’). Others come from the seasons – I love experimenting with Christmas scents. I also like to make sure I have something to please a multitude of tastes, as everyone is different. For example, some people are drawn to fresh and fruity fragrances (if that’s you, you’ll love my ‘citrus grove’ candle), while others deeper, muskier scents (that’s where my ‘dusk’ candle comes in).

What has been your proudest moment since starting out?

There have been lots of little victories along the way – like getting my first stockist – since I started wick + wonder just over a year ago. It’s hard to choose, but selling 800 candles in my first 2 months of trading is up there with my proudest moments.

It was totally unexpected and I was hugely underprepared (I thought I’d be lucky to sell 50 candles in a year). But it’s amazing how you can adapt when you need to. Also, of course, being featured in Iggy Box is a new highlight!


So there you have it, our first box of 2022! We hope that you have an incredible and cosy start to the year and we hope that this box soothes and transports you to your own fairytale. The best is yet to come!