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Iggy Box Reveal | August Candle Maker

Iggy Box Reveal | August Candle Maker

Welcome to your August Iggy Box… “It Is Time For A New Adventure…”


What started as a hobby 10 years ago, has since developed into a permanent passion for our featured maker this month. With 100% commitment to natural, plant-based waxes and a relentless search for the most eco-friendly ingredients…

We introduce to you ‘Mr. Rose’.

With a former career working for the parent company of Jo Malone, Jack, the wonderful founder of Mr Rose, individually pours all of his incredible candles from his home based-workshop in Nottingham. Mr Rose’s beautiful home fragrance collection has recently even been featured in ‘Vanity Fair’ and really is one to watch!

Adventures can be found both near and far, but this month we bring you a candle from Jack’s collection inspired by travel. So, close your eyes and enjoy a little adventure from the comfort of your home this August… 


This month we are featuring the scent, ‘Madame Jo Jo’ inside each of your boxes.

This candle blends the beautiful aromas of lemongrass, ginger and gingerlily, often found in spas across Asia. An uplifting blend of oils to liven your spirits, this beautifully crafted scent will stimulate the soul from the inside out. Allow yourself to be invigorated, bringing the tranquil beauty of an exotic eastern garden to any corner of your home…


The wax facts…

The Little One | 20cl | 40hr Burn Time | RRP £17.00

The Bigger One | 30cl | 60hr Burn Time | RRP £23.00


Inside of your Iggy Boxes this month, you will also find your ‘little something extra’…

This month we are adventuring into innovative snacking with this brave new twist on a classic, of Sunflower Pretzel Bites ‘Superseeds’ from Indie Bay.

These Asian inspired, all-natural, vegan-friendly pretzels, based on ‘Israeli bageleh’, make for delicious, satisfying snacking but without the guilt…

A layer of sesame and poppy seeds provide the crunch for these superfood bites. A rich, nutty flavour making them a great source of fibre.

As a source of protein too, they can help to repair muscles, whilst keeping your skin healthy and yours eyes sharp!


Earlier this month, we sat down with Jack from Mr. Rose to talk all things candles…


How long has your brand been going and is it your full-time job?

We officially launched in January 2020 but have been making candles since 2015 as a hobby. I still work in education for a global cosmetic company which I love, but if the brand continues to grow at the rate it is, I anticipate it will become my full-time career!

Where do you make the candles?

We have a workshop at home where everything is made. 

What inspired you to start making candles and your brand?

I used to work in education for the parent company of Jo Malone. It was here I discovered the ins and outs of candle making. It made me realise what I didn’t want to put into my candles. I gained experience in retailing and consumer habits and knew that I didn’t want to be a faceless brand.

What is your passion behind the brand?

I love candles and home aroma in general, but there is nothing more satisfying than receiving positive feedback from something you have made yourself. It’s this that pushes me to continue to grow and evolve.

What do you love about Lemongrass and Ginger?

Madame Jo Jo, our Lemongrass & ginger, is inspired by our friend who is obsessed with holidays in Asia. She is the reason for my various trips to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I created this aroma just for her and never realised how popular it would be. 

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

We have been featured in Vanity Fair which to date is my personal biggest achievement with the brand!

Do you have a fun fact or anecdote about your brand?

For months a close friend had no idea I actually hand made my candles, she was convinced in her mind I had them made for me with my logo on. The look of shock and shame when she saw me pouring one day was priceless.

So there you have it, our August reveal and ‘Meet the Maker’… We hope that you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Jack and his stunning Mr Rose candles.

We also hope that your August boxes bring lots of smiles to you and if you have gifted a box to someone special, we hope that it brings a smile to their face too!

Happy burning Iggy Boxers!