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Iggy Box Reveal | April Maker

Introducing your Aprils box ‘The deep roots never doubt that spring will come’…

Meet your April Maker

Introducing the founder of Timeless Aromas Natasha, currently working from her home in South East London. She started creating aromas that would remind her of some of her favourite pre-covid moments, so that she could maintain a feeling of stability amidst the chaos.

From there Timeless Aromas was born, with the main focus of being a clean burning, eco friendly and sustainable business. Recycling packaging and currently partnered with Eco-logi to plant trees with every purchase.

Wicks inside my box

This month, we present to you the ‘Botanist’. Housed in a modern clear vessel with a soft pastel pink label and elegant foil detail. Containing 100% soy wax and our first ever biodegradable glitter giving your candle an extra special, mesmerising twinkle when lit!

The scent

 This revitalising fragrance will gently fill your space with top notes of spicy pink pepper and ginger, balanced with earthy wooden aromas. Open your mind to self-growth and peace as this harmonising scent truly captures the spring season, with subtle bright notes of sweet mandarin and fresh florals. Let’s get into the benefits of Aprils scent…

  • Top notes Pink pepper known for its stimulating properties, helping with driving focus.
  • Along with the gentle spice of ginger known to have a calming effect and is often used in aromatherapy to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Finished with the subtle bright notes of sweet mandarin that lifts the mood and calms the mind.

Take some time to turn over a new leaf and recharge with some self-care, as this refreshing peppery sweet scent revives you this spring.

The wax facts

The Little One | 200ml | 35 hr burn time | RRP £20

The Bigger One | 300ml | 45 hr burn time | RRP £25

To shop the ‘Botanist ‘ candle click HERE

Your little something extra

Let talks about this months little something extra… This April we present to you a light yet indulgent delicious raspberry mallow bar coated with white chocolate made and packed with love by Flower & White. With only 98 calories per 30g bar, these natural, real fruit based treats will truly hit that sweet spot. Suitable for Vegetarians, gluten free, high in fibre, with added vitamins and packaged in paper 100% recyclable packaging. From making snacks in the garden shed in 2009, to producing over one million bars a day…founders, Leanne and Brian are accidental pioneers of Flower & White, creating sweet treats that you can really feel good about!

To shop Flower and White click HERE

It’s time to meet your maker


How long has your brand been going/ is it full time or do you do other things?

I created Timeless Aromas 3 years ago alongside being a full time mum to my son, Mason. 


Where in the UK are you based and what space do you use for your ‘workshop’?

I work from my home in South East London. We are slowly growing out of this house and soon will move to a bigger house to expand my home studio for my business. I love to work around my family. 


What inspired you to start making candles? Do you have a passion that has been embedded in your brand?

I always had candles burning in my home but I couldn’t never smell them. They was made from paraffin wax. So I thought it was time to make my own natural candles and give this a go! I loved creating aromas that would remind me of some of my favourite pre-COVID moments, so that I could maintain a feeling of stability amidst the chaos. My family and friends loved them and from there I started my business. Having my son, I wanted to ensure Timeless Aromas’ main focus was being a clean burning, eco friendly and sustainable business.


What do you love about our featured scent?

I am delighted to share my Botanist fragrance! It is one of my personal favourites and it is also our best seller. Botanist is a fresh revitalising woody spicy fragrance with notes of pink pepper, fresh florals and woods. Perfect for the transition into spring. I hope you love it as much as I do! 


There are so many scents you can choose to make…How do you go about choosing for your collection?

I like scents that take me somewhere. The feeling of nostalgia. A fragrance that fits in with particular seasons too, like musky, woody scents in the colder months and citrus, floral scents in warmer months.


What has been your proudest moment since starting out?

There have been some proud moments like having a few stockists. Seeing my products in some stores/websites is a proud moment for me. Collaborating with Iggy Box was a huge milestone and incredibly excited to work with them! 


Do you have a fun fact or anecdote about your brand?

With working from home my son loves to come and help decorate and pop out wax melts.


Do you have any specific ambitions or goals for the business?

Endless possibilities… Continue to grow and supply the nation with gorgeous home fragrances and looking forward to growing my list of stockists. 


Do you have any charitable or environmental partnerships we should know about to share?

Timeless Aromas are proudly eco-friendly and currently partnered with Eco-logi to plant trees with every purchase on my website. I reuse all packaging from supplier deliveries such as cardboard boxes and packing peanuts. I am also looking for other ways to offset some of our emissions.


Is there anything that you believe makes your brand different or stand out?

I don’t offer a huge amount of fragrances. Each candle is hand poured in small batches to ensure best quality. I also add a little sparkle to each candle so they twinkle while they are burning. 


Are there any plans for new products or news over the next few months?

Yes! I am looking into some other packaging options to upgrade our products and relaunching my sleep spray collections! 

We hope you love this months box as much as we do Iggy Boxers! A time for renewal and growth, as the leaves and seedlings bloom. Welcome the new season, as this fresh spiced scent creates a positive energy and mindset. Awaken your senses as your home is filled with feelings of hope and optimism.🪴🌟