Iggy Box

Gift Certificate Box

Gift Certificate Box

Iggy Boxers… we are very excited to introduce to you our new ‘Gift Certificate Box’. 

These beautiful boxes are available to purchase now, as an add-on when you buy any Iggy Box Gift Subscription!

Inside your giftee will find two beautiful cards, which will tell them all that they need to know about their gift subscription and the journey of discovery that they have to come. We will also include your personalised gift message if you have selected one!

They are a great alternative to our e-gift certificate and are just perfect if you want something extra special to give to your giftee while they wait for their first Iggy Box to arrive. 

They are shipped immediately and can either be sent directly to you for you to hand-deliver or straight to your giftee’s door!

To add on a Gift Certificate Box, then just select the appropriate option when you are purchasing your gift!

We hope you love them as much as we have loved creating them!

Gem & Doug

(Iggy Box co-founders)