Iggy Box

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Iggy Box?

Iggy Box is an artisan candle subscription box. We source the most beautifully scented candles from our favourite UK based candle makers and deliver them directly to your door. Each month you will receive a different scent from a different artisan candle maker, a little box of matches, a leaflet with information about the maker and the candle you have received along with promotional offers and every box also includes our monthly featured ‘Little Something Extra’ gift.

What size candle will I receive?

Typically our small is 180ml-200ml and our large is 250-300ml. As we feature a different candle maker each month, the size and shapes of the vessels may vary slightly. For that reason, we use burn time to categorise our candles size. We always ensure you will receive a minimum burn time of 30+ hours for ‘The Little One and 45+ hours for ‘The Bigger One’.

How do gift subscriptions work?

You can gift an Iggy Box for 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months. Gift subscriptions allow you to select which month you wish your first box to be sent out and the option to add a personalised gift message into the first box. Once you have completed your purchase for a gift subscription, you will receive a confirmation email with an e-gift card attached for you to use if you wish, prior to them receiving their first box. Gift Certificate Boxes are also available. Please see the next FAQ for more information. Gift subscriptions DO NOT auto renew, so full payment is taken at the time of placing the order.

What is a Gift Certificate Box?

Our Gift Certificate Box is a great alternative to our e-gift certificate. You can choose to add one to your subscription when selecting your gift options and is great for gifting to someone while they wait for their first candle to arrive. Inside you will find two beautiful cards detailing everything your recipient needs to know about their subscription. Gift Certificate boxes can be sent to your billing or shipping address and are shipped within 2-3 days of your initial order.

Can I send a subscription and shop items together?

Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. Our Subscriptions and our Iggy Box shop work from separate locations and operate very differently, so we are unable to combine both into one package. However, if you want to send a candle as a gift with other items from our shop, then we will always have a selection of candles to purchase on our shop for you to choose from.

What will my candle look and smell like?

Each month our featured candle is a closely guarded secret, as we aim to take our subscribers on a journey of scented discovery. We spend a lot of time carefully sourcing different candles and scents that we think will look both beautiful and make your home smell amazing. The brand, scent and colour will change each month, so you can look forward to a lovely surprise each month!

Are you candles made from natural waxes?

Many high street brands use paraffin wax, a petrolium bi-product that releases harmful toxins and sooty smoke. In contrast, natural, plant based wax has a lower melting point, a longer burn and will not produce toxins that fill your home. For this reason, we only feature candles made with natural and eco friendly waxes that are not harmful to ourselves or the world around us.

Where do you deliver to?

We only currently ship to the UK, however we hope to expand this into mainland Europe and Ireland one day!

How much do you charge for shipping?

For our subscription boxes, including gift subscriptions and all items on our shop, shipping is completely FREE!

When do your boxes get shipped?

We ship all of our boxes to you on the first working day after the 15th each month. However we sometimes have some boxes left after our cut off, so please refer to our website to find out which box you would receive first.

When will I get charged?

Payment is taken immediately for all subscriptions and shop items.

For monthly subscriptions your renewal payments will be at least a week before your next box is due to be posted. You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

If you are gifting an Iggy Box, then you just pay a single, one off payment at the time of purchase, which covers the whole cost of the subscription for the duration that you are gifting. Gift subscriptions will not auto-renew.

How do I update my payment details?

Please log into your account on our website and click on ‘payment methods’. From here you will be able to easily amend your payment details and remove any payment cards.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel or pause your subscription, you can do so at any time by logging into your account and clicking on ‘subscriptions’ where you will find the option to unsubscribe Please note that if you cancel after your monthly payment has been taken from your account, then you will still receive the current month’s box, but you will not receive any boxes after that date or have any further payments taken from your account.

How do I update my delivery address?

If you wish to change the address of your monthly subscription, or if you wish to change the address that a gifted subscription is being sent to, please just send us an email at hello@iggybox.co.uk and we will get this updated for you.

I have an issue with my box or my candle...

While we do everything we can to ensure every candle arrives with you in perfect condition, we know that unfortunately damages can happen from time to time and some boxes may get lost in transit. If you have any issues with the condition of your Iggy Box, please send us an email at contact@iggybox.co.uk with details and some pictures of the damage and we will arrange for a replacement to be sent to you as soon as possible.

I'm an artisan candle maker, can I get in touch?

We are always looking for new UK based candle makers to be a part of our Iggy Box journey. If you would like to discuss opportunities to work together, we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email at makers@iggybox.co.uk or get in touch via our contact page.

How do I opt out of your marketing emails?

If you no longer want to receive any marketing emails from us, including offer codes, then please email us at contact@iggybox.co.uk and we will remove you from our mailing list immediately.

Anything else?

If you have any other questions at all about Iggy Box, then please send us an email at contact@iggybox.co.uk or contact us via our contact page.