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Candle Top Tips | Trimming The Wick

Candle Top Tips | Trimming The Wick

Have you ever wondered why your candle is giving off black smoke or producing soot marks when it burns…? Or why the burn of your candle has become uneven…? 

Well, wonder no more… These are all common problems faced when we don’t trim our wicks!

Trimming our wicks between each burn helps to control the amount of wax being used as fuel, which in turn controls the size of the flame. Keeping your flame at the right size will mean your candle won’t burn too quickly and will also stop black smoke being produced when your candle burns.

How do I trim my cotton wicks?

Your wick should always aim to be around 5mm in length before re-lighting.

Before you trim your wick you may even find that your wick has ‘mushroomed’ in shape, which if not removed will cause a lot of excess soot when you re-light your candle.

To trim, you can use a standard pair of scissors, or even better, a specifically designed wick trimmer to make the job even easier… They make a nice little accessory for around the house too! 

Always make sure that the candle and the wick has completely cooled down and the flame is completely extinguished before trimming!

How do I trim my wooden wicks? 

The soft crackling of a wooden wick is soothing and calming but wooden wicks can be a little trickier to burn if you are not used to them…

A wooden wick needs to ideally be around 3mm in length… This may feel quite short but when a wooden wick is left too long, it doesn’t allow enough wax to build up around the base of the wick. This results in a very small flame being produced or even for the candle to self-extinguish.

Trimming a wooden wick is really simple… You can just pinch off any black wood with your fingers! You do need to make sure you remove all of the charred wood though, so if you need a bit of assistance to remove it all then you can use some nail clippers!

Once again, always make sure to do this before re-lighting your candle… And don’t forget to wash the soot off your hands afterwards too!


As candle lovers, by giving our candles the correct love and attention, we will make sure they are giving us the longest and cleanest burn possible… So check back next month, for another top tip on how to give your candles some love!