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We try to be as eco friendly and green as possible here at Iggy Box. So naturally, any opportunity we have to recycle, we do…

Our empty Iggy Box candle jars are no different and we have had great fun coming up with new and interesting ways to reuse them.

Before you try any of these for yourself, you will need to make sure that your Iggy Box candle jar is completely empty, that means removing any excess wax and also the wick. You can choose to remove the label if you like, but that is personal preference (we like to keep ours on).

There are various ways to remove the wax from your Iggy Box candle jar but we recommend giving it a good old fashioned wash…

How to clean my jar:

Firstly, using a knife, carefully and gently remove any large chunks of wax. Then fill your jar with some warm water and washing up liquid. Leave it to soak for a few moments, then take a cloth or sponge and clean the inside of the jar. Repeating the process if necessary. To remove the wick, just give it a little pull with your cloth, or if it needs a bit more encouragement, then just pop your knife to cut underneath and gently ease it away from the jar.

Once your jar is clean and empty, you are set to go.

We can think of hundreds of ways to reuse a candle jar but we’ve picked our favourite 5 uses below…

1.Flowers or a planter

We love flowers (almost as much as candles), so we love to use our jars as little vases. You can even use them as a planter for something small like a succulent. They will look great dotted around your home, but they will also work really well as table centrepieces.

2.Desk tidy

You can use your candle jars as little desk tidys or organiser pots for all different kinds of stationary, but they particularly work well for keeping all those pens and pencils in one place. We think that an old candle jar makes a beautiful addition to any office space.

3.Cocktail jars

Whether you are making cocktails or mocktails, your old candle jars will make really cool glasses to serve them in. Next time you are having a dinner party (or even just making one for yourself), then give it a go! We recommend adding a jazzy straw and a sprig of rosemary to really finish off the look.

4.Toothbrush and toothpaste holder

What better use for your old jars than to house your toothbrushes and toothpaste. We think the amber jars look striking in a bathroom next to the sink, so they are great for this. Who needs a fancy toothbrush holder when you have your old candle jars…


Jars look great in pairs, so why not double up your jars in your bathroom and use another jar for some other toiletries. Our top toiletry item to use candle jars for is cotton pads, they are the perfect size, but you really can use them for anything.

So that’s it, our favourite 5. We hope you can help us recycle your jars by using some of our top ideas.

As you know we love seeing pictures of your Iggy Box candles when you receive them but we would also love to see how you reuse your jars after!

So don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your reusing and recycling your jars on Instagram, using @iggyboxcandles and #iggyboxcandles. And don’t forget to check out our other blogs here!